#Balance by Alex Inchbald

A new framework that places purpose at the heart of everything we do.

Too many of us are off balance today...

How can leaders, teams and organizations transition from problems to purpose and leave the legacy they were born to create? Extreme artist and innovation specialist Alex Inchbald explains in his debut book #Balance:

"Overwhelmed by information and exhaustion, we flip-flop between apparent opposites, one moment driven by purpose, the next by problems. We have flashes of genius, interspersed with periods of struggle. We love our work and our family, but often can’t balance our time between them. We know our health is important, but we can push ourselves beyond our limits".

We need a new framework that enables us to build on the best of both worlds by placing purpose at the heart of everything we do. And we need it fast:

“Focusing on the symptoms will not solve the problem. We need to get to the root-cause. Purpose-centred people and organizations that create what they were born to create are the only antidote to a world devoid of meaning where Artificial Intelligence will replace millions of jobs; biotechnology will create élite super-humans; and climate change will affect billions”.

In #Balance, Alex describes a model to get into flow all the time and leave a Legacy for good. The old world of ‘either/or’ where we flip-flop constantly is dead. Long live the world of ‘both’ in which purpose rules.

“If change starts within, then the framework in this book is desperately needed for companies to become sustainable. With Alex’s guidance, I had my team work on finding their life’s purpose, sharing them with one another was one of the most meaningful team exercises I have ever done, it allowed us to understand each other’s passions and unite our energy to create a new team purpose that everyone sees themselves in. Now people respect one another more, bring their best selves to work, and are determined to reach our full potential to make our company a force for good.”

Nate Hurst Nate Hurst
Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer, HP Inc.

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    The Legacy Diamond

    This framework enables leaders, teams and their organizations to shift from problems to purpose. It guides the reader to articulate WHERE they are going and WHY ('Life Purpose', 'Team Purpose', 'Legacy' and 'Masterpiece'), WHAT they need to get there (Value Proposition, and Business Model) and HOW ('Accelerator Profile', 'Team Charter', and '100-Day Plan'). This is a transformational toolkit for the leader who wants to make a difference in their world.

    The Legacy Diamond integrates all these tools in one simple model. What makes it unique is that it combines the Inward Creation Journey to develop the mind-set required to create a Masterpiece, the Outward Collaboration Journey to create the balance required to bring it to life, and the Upward Expansion Journey required to maximize its impact.

    Most frameworks cover one of these journeys, possibly two, but never three. It explains how creative ideas emerge by looking at the physiology, neurology, psychology, and metaphysics of creativity AND how to realize these ideas by looking at true mastery in art, science, sport and business. And this isn't just a nice theory. These tools have been roadtested in Silicon Valley and Health Valley, in technology organizations and health organizations, in countries as far afield as Russia and the United States , with hard-nosed commercial leaders and social entrepreneurs, with CEOs and PAs, with groundbreaking leaders in business and science. And they work.

    The Legacy Diamond is based on Alex' experience with HP, Samsung, Nestlé, Unilever, P&G, The International Committee of The Red Cross, WHO, The United Nations, The Global Fund Against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, Gavi - the Vaccine Alliance, five different medical associations and many, many more... It has the potential to help millions. But Alex can't do that alone. He is looking for more leaders who want to test it and provide feedback so together, we can improve the second edition for others.

    ‘Alex delivers solid and near-immediate results that can enable breakthroughs for organizations but also individuals fortunate enough to spend time with him. He inspires with authenticity and challenges by example. His body of work is rapidly becoming a new way of thinking that I believe could transform at scale the way we approach, and leverage creativity, innovation, and relationships.’

    Joe Leenhouts-Martin Joe Leenhouts-Martin
    Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health

    Table of Contents

    • PART ONE – The Core Concepts

      Discover the symptoms of imbalance and how the world’s greatest artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and scientists have used belief, purpose, and creativity to create masterpieces, world-changing innovations and breakthroughs that address the underlying cause, and leave a Legacy for good.

    • PART TWO – The Keys to Your Journey

      Discover your Life Purpose, articulate your Masterpiece and Legacy, and identify your Accelerator Profile so you can create what you were born to create.

    • PART THREE - The Legacy Diamond

      Accelerate the Inward Journey to create a Masterpiece on purpose, the Outward Journey to realize this purpose, and the Upward Journey to maximize its impact.

        Request a copy of #Balance

        While you can find balance everywhere, you can't buy #Balance anywhere. The first edition (250 copies) is for only for people who want to make a bigger difference in the world. Alex puts it like this:

        'The Legacy Diamond is still only a beta model. I'm looking for changemakers who are willing to test the model, add to it and improve it for others. I will launch it at Tesla in Geneva on 21 March. So, get in touch if you would like to join me and get your hands on a copy.'

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        Meet the Author | Alex Inchbald

        Painting in extreme locations all over the world, Alex explores what it takes to be creative everywhere. He helps leaders, teams, and organizations to unleash their intrinsic capabilities, find balance, and change their world for good.

        Between 2016 and 2018 alone, Alex has helped over one hundred executives and a dozen teams to articulate their purpose. He has enabled:

        • Leaders to find harmony, avoid divorce, escape depression, and become CEOs
        • Teams to become more purposeful, productive, profitable, and resilient
        • Organizations to reinvent themselves, discover meaning and direction
        • Consortiums to launch that will impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people

        Alex is a cofounder of Creative Leadership Partners and lives with his beautiful wife and young family in the French Alps, just outside Geneva.

        ‘The tools in #Balance helped me translate the work I’d done in my personal life into my professional life and in the process move from CMO of a major fashion brand to CEO of an exclusive fashion brand. By the time I met Alex, I already had a coach and had attended many courses. What makes this approach and Alex special is it provides exactly what I need when I need it."

        Riccardo Bellini Riccardo Bellini
        CEO, Maison Margiela

        ’These tools helped me to transform my life... moving from Director of one communications agency to founder and Managing Director of another."

        Mark Harrison Mark Harrison
        CEO, JWT Manchester

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