How do you create sustainable innovation?

How do teams and organizations create the Masterpiece they were born to create?

How do you get your team, organization or audience to think differently?

My keynotes are designed to answer these questions and many more.

My expertise is in creativity, innovation and change.

My experience as an extreme artist informs and infuses every speech.

Each painting tells a story - painting at over 3,000 metres, in 70km/h winds, in a blizzard.

Imagine what it takes to remain in the creative zone when the paint starts to freeze.

These are the types of insights I bring to life through my keynote speeches.

I am meticulous with my preparation and inspirational with my delivery.

If you haven't heard me talk yet, now is as good a time as any... it's time to think different!

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I have spoken all over the world, at UN meetings, corporate retreats and international conferences. I am an extreme artist and creative mentor. I help everyone think differently about creativity, innovation and change. My research, painting in the mountains, in extreme conditions informs and infuses each talk. My style is inspiring, provocative and action-oriented.  I make people laugh, cry and most of all take action.

Alex Inchbald: Extreme Artist and Creative Mentor Alex Inchbald: Extreme Art | Purpose | Innovation

Popular Topics

  • Define your Life Purpose

    Everyone is born with a unique talent. Creativity is how you express. Your Life Purpose is how you define it. Visionary leaders define their Life Purpose with extraordinary results.

  • Unleash your company's creativity

    To lead change requires a leader to master both their Inner and Outer Game, then unleash the artist inside everyone in their team or company. I will introduce the groundbreaking model at the heart of my upcoming book: #BornToCreate.

  • Creativity and The Global Goals

    To tackle the biggest challenges we face – climate change, peace, hunger, health, education, sanitation – requires more creativity. The problem is organizations suffocate it. My extrme experiments and work on all 17 SDGs provides an answer.

  • Where does creativity come from?

    My experiments in extreme locations all over the world has taught me where breakthrough creativity comes from. I have combined this with the latest neuroscience and the wisdom of ancient traditions to develop a theory that may just blow your mind.

  • How to Create Your Masterpiece

    Visionary leaders appear to transcend challenges and transform industry after industry. What’s the difference between Michelangelo and Vincent Van Gogh? And what’s the similarity between Van Gogh and Steve Jobs? These insights explain how to do it.

What you get

  • Planning meeting to articulate your exact need
  • Prompt response and management
  • Review meetings to revise and refine
  • Access to the charts and visuals
  • The final script
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Alex had one mission, to help our team become the change engine for Samsung Europe. Not an easy task by any means. He stripped back the team to understand ourselves on a 1:1 personal level using many tools to unearth our strengths and ultimately our Life's Purpose. From that he brought our team together and created an understanding on the teams collective strengths and how we complimented each other and the potential we have if we worked together leveraging each others strengths. We finally then created a team vision and purpose that was born out of our strengths and what we believe the future could hold.

Michelle Crossan-Matos, Vice President, European Strategy and Transformation, Samsung Europe

Alex has a particular gift to connect with people’s deep energy and is able to help them to radically shift perspectives and to realize, articulate and express their vision, tapping into an impressively diverse body of knowledge and techniques. What in my view makes Alex different from other coaches is the positive energy he infuses into the person he works with and the determination he has to help her to identify and recognize the Life Purpose and to work out together a plan of action, as opposed to just providing listening and frameworks for the person to progress on her own.

Mario Musa, Head of Communications EIF, World Trade Organization

Alex masters innovation from the inside out. He understands how people work, what stops them and how to unlock their potential. I have known Alex for over 15 years, during which time we’ve worked on a number of groundbreaking projects for some of the world’s leading organisations. Last year he started to coach me through an important transition in my life. He helped me articulate my personal vision and gain clarity over the next step in my career… moving from Director of one company to CEO of another company. I work in an incredibly fast-moving industry, advising CEOs of major bluechip companies on their vision and how to communicate it effectively.

Mark Harrison, CEO, OneBite

Alex is one of the most inspiring people I know.

Edwin Hassink, Creative Director, World Intellectual Property Organization, The UN

Alex has a knack for bringing the best out of people.

Heath Arensen, CEO, Director of Partnerships, Tanasuk | Soko

What format?

I talk at conferences, all-staff meetings, workshops for both corporate clients and non-profit organizations.

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