Transformation on Purpose

March to September | Chamonix  | Zoom 

Are you an Executive Director or CEO of an Association?

Are you asking yourself what happens next?

Do you wonder where your Association will be in five or ten years?

Should you reinvent it or close the doors?

Or are you operating in such a tough operating environment that everything seems to be a fight?

Transformation on Purpose for Associations is a six-month program designed to help Executive Directors / CEOs of Associations to address the biggest challenges they face and open up an entirely new revenue stream.

We have already done this for dozens of Associations... one pivoted into a new geographic market, generating €7 million more in profit and started a Foundation which received initial grants of €10 million. A second has just launched a Foundation which will generate €10 million in funding over five years and transform an entire sector.

Our unique methodology is designed to help you do the same and learn from other participants while you do it.

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I specialize in creativity and innovation - helping leaders, teams and organizations create what they were born to create sustainably. I have worked with start-ups before they started up all the way through to helping multi-billion dollar corporations transform. Over the last few years, I have worked with dozens of associations transform themselves on purpose.

Two of these stand-out: we helped one association pivot geographically from European to global and in the process hit record members and delegates and put €7 million more in the bank; we helped another launch a foundation that will generate up to €10 million to help pivot an entire industry. I love working with associations, because they are powerful points of leverage within any ecosystem.

Alex Inchbald: Extreme Artist and Creative Mentor

Alex Inchbald: Extreme Artist, Author, Speaker and Coach

The Association for Association Executives is a partner of this program.




The Association for Association Executives is partnering on this program. It provides information, education, advice, guidance and networking including events, awards programs, education, publishing, programs, discussion forums, careers.

Six Main Benefits

  • Articulate your Personal Purpose

    Discover your vision for the world.

  • Articulate your Association Purpose

    Discover the key for your association.

  • Redefine the association's value

    Pivot towards flow.

  • Develop sustainable value

    Develop a business model on purpose.

  • Embed supportive processes

    Develop the foundation to support.

  • Create a 3-year roadmap

    Know when you do what.

What we will cover

  • 1

    Articulate Your Personal Purpose

    Companies have a vision that explains why they do what they do. Individuals have a vision too. It's just most of us aren't aware of it. We call it a Personal Purpose. Before the workshop starts, you'll have access to a podcast, which guides you through a journey to help you define it. And then, we'll speak for 30 minute to help you articulate it and define your expectations for the workshop. If you've already done Personal Purpose (lucky you!) - we'll still have the call to explore how you've started to implement it in your life.

  • 2

    Articulate your Association Purpose

    Everything we create is an expression of Purpose. How clear it is depends on the work we've done to free ourself from limiting beliefs and create a mindset to realize it. We'll use art in the form of a collaborative painting and music to get ourselves out of our heads and into our essence. This is what psychologists calls a state of flow, athletes call the zone and we call balance. We'll also introduce some techniques you can use after the workshop to help you access this state whenever you want.

  • 3

    Develop your Value Proposition

    We will then explore your Legacy - what would you like it to be - and what will it end up being if you continue along the same trajectory. Your Legacy combines everything you think, say and do. You cannot not create a legacy, you can only choose to consciously create it. We'll combine Your Personal Purpose and the techniques we learnt in the morning to allow your Legacy to naturally emerge from your unconscious mind. We'll also begin to explore how you can bridge the gap between your intended legacy and what you are currently creating.

  • 4

    Define your Business Model

    We will then help you define your next Masterpiece. Legacies that are remembered start with a Masterpiece. A Masterpiece is a project, initiative or experiment that is an expression of your Life Purpose and a stepping stone towards your Legacy. It could be a painting or a book, an event or a company, or perhaps a project that serves a greater purpose. Turning it into reality could be a turning point in your life. Your Masterpiece will help others grow. It will serve them. And by serving them it serves you.

  • 5

    Develop your Operating Model

    Each of us creates differently based on our experience and expertise. We have a different combination of strengths or what I call Accelerator Strengths. Some of us create the ideas. Some of us create the sales.
    Others create the systems that enable us to scale; and yet, others develop the overarching strategy and invest the profit so we generate income that enables. us to do more in the future. These are the four Accelerator Strengths: theCreator, the Collaborator, the Choreographer, and the Calculator. Each one creates in a different way. You can find balance in each of these forms of creation.

  • 6

    100-Day Plan

    In the final module, we'll identify a series of actions you can take to generate momentum around the idea and turn it from a dream into reality. We'll step out into the future to understand what great looks like for you in 10 years and then bring it back to what you do pragmatically in the next 100 days to bring your Legacy to life. We'll also explore what the implications are for other aspects of your life and how you can continue to bridge the gap between your intentions and reality.

  • One two-day leadership retreat in The Alps
  • Six 90-minute calls every month for six months (module per month)
  • One 20 min podcasts, 40 min homework, one 30 min call beforehand
  • Private WhatsApp group where you can ask questions
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These tools helped me to transform my life... moving from Director of one communications agency to CEO of another.

Mark Harrison, CEO, CheethamBell JWT

Alex has a knack for bringing the best out of people.

Heath Arensen, CEO, Tanasuk

Alex delivers solid and near-immediate results that can enable breakthroughs- for organizations but also individuals fortunate enough to spend time with him. He inspires with authenticity and challenges by example. His body of work is rapidly becoming a new way of thinking that I believe could transform at scale the way we approach, and leverage creativity, innovation, and relationships.

Joseph Leenhouts-Martin, Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health

With Alex’s guidance, I had my team work on finding their life’s purpose, sharing them with one another was one of the most meaningful team exercises I have ever done, it allowed us to understand each other’s passions and unite our energy to create a new team purpose that everyone sees themselves in.

Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability Officer, HP Inc.

Alex had one mission, to help our team become the change engine for Samsung Europe. Not an easy task. He stripped back the team to understand ourselves on a 1:1 personal level using the tools contained within #Balance to unearth our strengths and ultimately our Life’s Purpose. From that he brought our team together and created an understanding on the teams’ collective strengths and how we complemented each other and the potential we have if we worked together leveraging each others’ strengths. We finally then created a team vision and purpose that was born out of our strengths and what we believe the future could hold.’

Michelle Crossan-Matos, Samsung

Who this course is for

This program is for Executive Directors who want to transform their association on purpose. It is for leaders who are in the process of transforming their association or would like to start transforming their association and need some support to maximize their impact.

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Cost for two-day retreat including accommodation in The Alps plus six 90 minute calls over six months: €4,500.-

Early bird price (before 15 January): €3,900.-

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The Venue | Chamonix

We will be staying in one of the most iconic, innovative and stunning locations in The Alps, Chamonix. The town nestles underneath the awe-inspiring Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Western Europe. Chamonix is the home of freeride skiing - it was invented here in the 1980s - it is also one of the leading climbing and mountaineering capitals in the world and has seen many other groundbreaking inventions - the Tunnel de Mont Blanc, which connects France to Italy - the Aiguille du Midi cable car - a breathtaking ride to within almost touching distance of Mont Blanc and the Void, a glass cube with a 2,000 metre drop beneath it.


  • Participants receive first edition of #Balance.
  • Contains a framework that places purpose at the heart of everything we do
  • Provides all the exercises on the workshop plus much more.
  • Only 250 copies in the world.
  • For leaders, teams and organizations.
  • Not available to purchase anywhere - only for leaders who are making a difference in their world.
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