The Legacy Workshop

19-20 June | The Chateau de Bossey | near Geneva

Is there a difference between how you would like to be remembered by your family, colleagues and society and how you will be remembered?

Is there more to you than most people see?

If so, keep reading.

You cannot not leave a legacy. You can only choose to actively create one. Your legacy can be a pile of ashes or your vision for the world. That’s the choice we all face.

The problem is today, everywhere we look is resistance. And that stops us.

To create the legacy you were born to create requires you to overcome resistance and get into flow 99% of the time. That’s true mastery.

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My legacy is the sum of everything I think, say and do. It is how I would like my children, friends and society to remember me when I am no longer physically here.  

In the perfect world, my legacy aligns perfectly with my vision (or Life Purpose)... helping to unleash the world's creativity for good.

Painting in extreme locations is how I bring this vision to life for myself. The Legacy Workshop and every other project I work on is designed to bring this vision to life for others. 

Ensuring every thought and action really does align with my Life Purpose is my life's work!

Alex Inchbald: Extreme Artist and Creative Mentor

Alex Inchbald: Extreme Artist and Leadership Mentor

Six Main Benefits

  • Discover your direction for good

    Discover your vision for life.

  • Unleash your creativity

    Get into flow at will.

  • Be healthier and wealthier

    Experience freedom and security.

  • Generate momentum

    Develop a roadmap.

  • Love what you do

    Feel more like you’re on holiday!

  • Articulate Your Legacy

    Define what you leave behind.

What you will Learn

  • Your Creative Engine

    Tap into the same creative force as Steve Job, Elon Musk or Albert Einstein.

  • Your Life Purpose

    Become the change you want to see in the world.

  • Your Legacy

    Allow what really inspires you to emerge.

  • Your Business Model

    Generate sustainable value from your idea.

  • Your 100-Day Plan

    Develop an actionable plan to realise your idea.

  • Your Unique Gift

    Help yourself and the planet for good.

What we will cover

  • 1

    Define Your Life Purpose

    Companies have a vision that explains why they do what they do. Individuals have a vision too. It's just most of us aren't aware of it. We call it a Life Purpose. Before the workshop starts, you'll have access to two podcasts, which guide you through a journey to help you define it. And then, we'll speak for 60 minute to help you articulate it and define your expectations for the workshop. If you've already done Life Purpose (lucky you!) - we'll still have the call to explore how you've started to implement it in your life.

  • 2

    Unlock your Creativity

    True creativity is an expression of our Life Purpose. Creativity doesn't come from our interactions with the world outside us, it comes from our interactions with the world inside us. On the first morning of the workshop, we'll do a series of exercises including a collaborative painting to get ourselves out of our heads and into our essence. This state is what psychologist Mihaily Csikszentmihalyi calls a state of flow and athletes call the zone. I'll also introduce some techniques you can use after the workshop to help you access this state whenever you want.

  • 3

    Articulate your Legacy

    In the afternoon, we will then explore your Legacy - what would you like it to be - and what will it end up being if you continue along the same trajectory. Your Legacy combines everything you think, say and do. You cannot not create a legacy, you can only choose to consciously influence it. We'll combine Your Life Purpose and the techniques we learnt in the morning to allow your Legacy to naturally emerge from your unconscious mind. The group will help, because as Carl Jung explained your unconscious is connected to The Collective Unconscious. We'll also begin to explore how you can bridge the gap between your intended legacy and what you are currently creating.

  • 4

    Establish your Value

    The following morning, we will explore how you can generate value through pursuing your legacy for yourself, your family and society. To be sustainable any idea must generate value, otherwise it is just a charity, which will always depend on you to exist. Thus, it will die with you. The alternative is to focus on one specific idea that is aligned with your Life Purpose and a reflection of your Legacy. We'll articulate the value proposition and business model underlying the idea so it generates value for many years to come.

  • 5

    Your 100-Day Plan

    In the final part of the workshop, we'll identify a series of actions you can take to generate momentum around the idea and turn it from a dream into reality. We'll step out into the future to understand what great looks like for you in 10 years and then bring it back to what you do pragmatically in the next 100 days to bring your Legacy to life. We'll also explore what the implications are for other aspects of your life and how you can continue to bridge the gap between your intentions and reality.

  • 6

    Continuing the Momentum

    Workshops are great... so long as you act on what you committed to. To support you as your idea takes shape we'll schedule a series of 4 one-hour, group calls after the workshop. In addition to the support and guidance from me, you will gain the support and accountability from the rest of the group to help you realize your vision and turn your ideas into reality. This is your own group of champions, because they were involved when your ideas emerged.

  • In 2 days you will have your Vision, Legacy and 100-Day Plan
  • Two 10-15 minute podcasts, one 30 minute call as homework
  • Four follow-up, group calls to generate momentum and accountability
  • Private Facebook group where you can ask questions
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Alex is one of the most inspiring people I know.

Edwin Hassink, Creative Director, BeBrandious

Alex has a knack for bringing the best out of people.

Heath Arensen, CEO, Tanasuk

This course works! The results have been truly transformative. It was incredibly inspiring, tremendously enjoyable and I’m excited to say that my 100-day plan has come true. Without doubt, Alex’s course rates as one of the best I have done.

Tony Johnston, Presenter, World Radio Switzerland

Alex is an outstanding coach, with a gift for sharing his insights into increasing personal creativity. His ability to build trust ensures clients feel comfortable to move from achieving their goals to building on their dreams.

Michelle Barker, Program Director, James Cook University

The course is perfect to stimulate thoughts and really pushed me to take a step back and try to find and understand my life purpose.

Pavla Foley

Totally transported by the energy, inspiration and sensitivity. Alex was fully committed and was a tremendous help to identify my life purpose.

Olivia Andrist

Who this course is for

This program is for leaders who feel called to make a difference in their world. It is for executives, entrepreneurs, artists and tomorrow’s leaders. It is for everyone who wants to free themselves and realize their full potential. It is for those who want to escape the dreaded Monday morning feeling forever. And the great thing is… it only takes one weekend.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

Find a job that you love and never work another day in your life.


Take a job that you love.

Warren Buffett

The simple fact is that if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and the people with whom you’re doing it, then there is no possible way that you are going to do it as well as something you do enjoy.

Richard Branson

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo I need to do any preparation in advance?

    There is a small amount of pre-work – two 15 minute podcasts and one 30 minute call. No other preparation is required. It’s always useful to consider what you would like to get out of any course. Consider what your idea or project is in advance. Do you have a specific area in mind or something you would like to focus on? We can also help you develop the idea during the course.

  • q-iconWhat if I am already very creative, will this course help me?

    Yes, absolutely. I have tested these techniques in extreme conditions – temperatures as low as -10°C and 70km/h winds. And they work. I sell paintings I create in these conditions. These techniques work with brilliant leaders too. What I do is deconstruct the insights I learn in the mountains to help you unleash the creative spirit inside you. That power is unlimited so your potential to increase your creativity is unlimited.

  • q-iconWhat if I don’t know my Legacy isn’t very clear to me?

    You’re in the correct place. Sign-up and I’ll show you your true potential. Everyone can be creative everywhere. Really. They can. It’s not your fault you lost touch with your creativity. Our Education system, society and business culture kills it. It wasn’t designed to help it flourish. My skill is in helping you unlock it again. I’ve done it for hundreds of people all over the world. I can do it for you too.

  • q-iconIs this course for me as I already working on my Legacy?

    Yes. Everyone is working on their legacy all the time. This course will help you get clearer about what you intend it to be and how to bridge the gap between that and what it could turn out to be.

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The Venue | The Chateau de Bossey


The Château de Bossey is also one of the largest conference centres of the region with its four buildings, 90 guestrooms, 10 meeting rooms, large garden and beautiful views of Lake Geneva and the Alps. Guests and organisations from all over the world use our facilities for their meetings, conferences, banquets, weddings, business trips or simply for a retreat.



  • Participants receive 120 page Handbook for free.
  • Contains everything in the course plus much, much more.
  • Helps you turn what you love into what you do.
  • Repeat the exercises again and again as you evolve.
  • Includes your Life Purpose, your Creative Engine, how to develop a Breakthrough Idea and how to develop a 100-Day Plan
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